Twin Wall Rosette - 45°/ 90° Finishing Collar - 152mm Ø

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Twin Wall Rosette - 45° / 90° Finishing Collar - 152mm Ø

Twin wall installation is suitable when the chimney system needs to pass through an external wall, see drawing for installation type

This installation consists of single wall straight with cleaning door to start moving on to a 45 bend, adapter to twin-wall, telescopic length through the wall to a base wall support from this your flue can be routed to its terminal or weathering cap

Support brackets are recommended every 1.5 meters of vertical flue run

Please supply your specification or requirements a photo of installation site Internal/External and we would delight in supplying your new flue system quotation

Twin Wall 90deg Rosette (Internal Cover Plate)
A=150 B=150 C=50 Approx.
Twin Wall 45deg Rosette (Internal Cover Plate)
A=212 B=212 C=50 Approx.