Register Plates (Galvanised) 125/150/180/200 Hole

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Stove Register Plate Details, Dimensions

It is recommended that chimneys serving solid fuel appliances be swept and maintained as frequently as necessary but at least once a year. At the same time remove the Register Plates inspection hole cover plate(s) and hoover / sweep any debris that has fallen (Do not remove cover plates if vermiculite has been installed as added insulation.)

  • Plate F: 900mm x 495mm ( 125/150 No sweeping hatch )
  • Pate G: 900mm x 490mm (125/150 2 Access/sweeping hatch )
  • Plate H: 900mm x 600mm (Plain Sheet, No Holes)
  • Plate J: 900mm x 600mm ( 180/200 No sweeping hatch )
  • Plate K, 900mm x 600mm ( 180/200 2 Access/sweeping hatch )
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