Heat Resistant Fireplace Chamber Panels

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Heat Resistant Fire Boards

Fireplace Construction Board is an Insulation Board resistant to 1100⁰C/ 1830⁰F.
Perfect for use in fireplaces, tiled stoves and corner firesides. Suitable where there is no pre-existing chimney breast or in the centre of a wall or the corner of a room. Simpler and quicker to install than ever before!

Colour - Plain or Blue

*Wood burning stove insulation
* Stove Installation
* Fireplace insulations
* Simple and quick to set up
* High Thermal Resistance (up to 1100⁰C)
* Easily cut with the aid of a simple cutting tool e.g. hand or jig saw.

For finish decoration we recommend spraying with Heat Resistant Spray Paint or for plain boards you can tile with Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive.

Price for individual panels 1000mm x 620mm x 25/30mm, Please Contact for multiple boards.