Stone Fireplaces & Hearths

Stone Fireplaces, Stone Hearths, Hand Carved - Made in UK

Our Suppliers have been producing hand carved natural stone fireplaces for many years, in that time many changes have occurred within the fireplace industry, We do not use or sell imported stone in any form all stone is locally sourced from Uk. each fireplace or hearth is carved to your specifications, no pre-cast, no resin bonded and no reconstituted Stones!

  • Yorkstone Manor Buff, Moor Top Gritstone, Lincolnshire Limestone and Cumbrian Red Sandstone with various Finishes and edge finishes

    We supply all our stone fireplaces, stone hearths from raw quarry block found in the UK, every aspect of production, quality control with the added quality of stone selection we supply exclusivity! In fact our suppliers are the only company to currently offer our exclusive range of Yorkshire stone fireplaces, Yorkshire Gritstone fireplaces and Ancaster Limestone fireplaces through the Uk.

    Only Natural British Stone is used for all products with skilled stonemasons we are sure we can supply the designs in stone you are looking for!

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    Natural Quarried Stone Hearths

    Ancaster and Lincolnshire Limestone, Yorkshire Sandstone, a Unique natural stone a truly beautiful product with natural imperfections , All our stone is sourced as local as possible, using only the best quality quarries based around the UK.

    Our Yorkstone is sourced from the heart of Yorkshire as it has been since quarrying began, 65-290million years old stones, excellence in unique designs show a range of moulding, shaping, textures and finishing to your designs.

    Distinctive stones due to the wonderful variety of grain, colour and natural markings only found in natural stone.

    Yorkstone Hearths and Fireplace Surrounds are hand made and unique in their individuality!