Granite Hearth Honed and Polished

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Granite Hearth Black Honed or Polished Hearth

36x15, 48x15 & 54x15 Flat Hearth boxed and lipped, not Slabbed. Perfect for 2-piece T-Shaped Hearth for Fireplace Chambers will or may need Slabbing (Filling) on Site, applicable to Multi-Fuel-Stove installation where the appliance heats up the hearth over 100 degrees celsius, please check with relevant stove manufacturer.

It is a misconception that "the hearth must be slabbed" Granite is able to withstand exceptionally high levels of heat, consideration needs to be addressed for a heat plate or where a stove installation is undertaken that the air admittance (Combustible Air) is taken from beneath the appliance.