Granite Hearth - Back-Panel, Polished, Made to Measure

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Polished Black Granite, Premium Granite,Star Granite

Both are ideal for hearths, back-panels and a variety of other uses and has a highly reflective surface.
Please specify sizes required, a drawing would be much appreciated.
Full panel sizes 1200x900x20 and 1500x1200x20
30 x 15", 24x13x3.5 Plinth
30x6" Pushunder (Granite or Slate Tongue)
30x15, 36x15, 48x15, 48x15 Curved Front, 48x18, 51x15, 54x15, 54x15 c/w 30x3" tongue
54x15 Curved Front (Slate Only), 54x18, 60x18
60x20 Flat Hearth not boxed and lipped.
3-Piece Back-Panel or Slips made to measure.
T Shaped Hearth for inglenook locations.