Flue Pipe, Matt/Gloss Black Vitreous Enamelled Pipe

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Flue Pipe, Matte/Gloss Black Vitreous Enamelled Pipe

This Stove pipe is available in 100mm (4"), 125mm (5"), 150mm (6"), 180mm (7") and 200mm (8") diameters.

  • Flue Pipes and Bends, 45 and 90 with and without Inspection Door.
  • Painted Stainless Steel Brackets and Pipe Holders, (Please contact with requirements).
  • Colours Matte black and gloss black are available in all sizes.

    Colour Matching is also available to match up to most stoves in colours:-

  • Matte BlackSunsetSky BlueGreen illusionGoldRich Metallic BrownShimmering Rose,Honeyglow Brown, Mojave Red, Surf Sand, Mauve, Blue Metallic, Metallic Brown, Pewter, Moss Green Metallic, Charcoal, Forest Green, Metallic Black.


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