Flue Elbow 45 Deg Pipe (With door)

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Flue Elbow 45 Deg Pipe with Sweeping Hatch

Size Range This Stove pipe is available in 125mm (5"), 150mm (6") diameters. Flue Pipes and Bends, 45 and 90 with and without Inspection Door Painted Stainless Steel Brackets and Pipe Holders, (Please contact with requirements)

Colours Matt black and gloss black are available in all sizes.

Colour Matching is also available to match up to most stoves in colours: Matt Black, Sunset, Sky Blue, Green illusion, Gold, Rich Metallic Brown, Shimmering Rose, Honeyglow Brown, Mojave Red, Surf Sand, Mauve, Blue Metallic. Metallic Brown, Pewter, Moss Green Metallic, Charcoal, Forest Green, Metallic Black