Flexible Flue liner 150mm for Solid-Fuel 316L (11mtr)

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Flue liner 150mm (316/316 Grade)

Flexible flue liner used to line masonry chimneys.

  • Double wall construction chimney flue liner.
  • Inner and outer layers are 316L grade stainless steel.
  • Class 1 applications, suitable for multi-fuel, standard oil and gas appliances.
  • Item: 316L Mi-FLEX 155mm x 1m CUT LENGTH 150mm (6 inch)
  • Designation: BS EN 1856-2 T600 N1 W Vm L50011 G
  • Designation: BS EN 1856-2 T200 P2 W Vm L50011 O
  • Inner Material: 316L - 0.105mm thick
  • Outer Material: 316L - 0.105mm thick
  • Fuels: Wood, Oil, Gas, Low sulpher coal
  • Approvals: HETAS
  • Manufacturer: Mi-Flues Ltd
  • Manufacture: Single Strip
  • Seam: Omega-Lock
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • £229.90