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Once you have chosen your fireplace you may want to add a few accessories to compliment your fireplace and enhance the look or you just need something for maintenance.

We have extensive products from Ashpans, Buckets, Baxi-Fires, Cast-Iron Firebacks, Clay-Firebacks, Companion sets, Fire-Grates, Firewood Baskets, Log Baskets, Log Holders, Log Stores.

Granite Hearths, Marble Hearths, Slabbed Hearths, Slate Hearths, Stove Fans, Replacement Ceramic Coals, Ceramic Logs and Pebbles for all those finishing touches you may require also Heat resistant Paint and Cleaners and Sealers for all those maintenance jobs for your chosen fireplace


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  1. Ash Bucket with Lid, Black

  2. Basket Weave Metal Coal Tub & Lid

  3. Coal Bucket & Companion Set 15"

  4. Coal Hod Black 22"

  5. Coal Hod Black 22" Rectangular

  6. Coal Hod Small Mini Matt Black 9" Hod

    Out of stock
  7. Dorset Galvanised Hod

  8. Hod, Black & Brass ( Small )

  9. Hod, Black - Brass ( Large )

  10. The Cathedral Bucket set

  11. The Coal Scoop 12"

  12. The Fireside Starter Kit

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Buckets Hods and Carriers

Coal carriers and buckets buckets are primarily designed for functional use supplying and removing coal from the fireplace but can also be used as decorative pieces storing the fuel. The coal bucket is the perfect addition to any fireside as well as for improving the aesthetic looks of the fireplace, Buckets or Hods are a functional asset for the user and come in a variety of sizes, designs and shapes to meet individual needs.

Some coal buckets are available in designs that enable to pour the coal onto the grate directly without using any fireplace shovels or tools. A typical coal bucket has a handle or two on for ease of transportation.

We are confident that with such wide range of coal buckets you will find the right match for your fireside. Large and small in finishes such as brass, black, pewter, copper and much more. With a handy coal bucket or hod available at your hearth you can be sure of reduced trips to the coal bunker!