Eko Fires 2050 Excelsior Tapered inset tray Gas Fire

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Eko 2050 Technical Specifications

Fire Type. Decorative Gas Fire
Full Depth Fuel Bed
Chimney and Flue Requirements Conventional Chimney
Pre-fabricated or std brick flue min 175 mm
Efficiency 35%
Control Type Manual - Rotary
Heat Input Gross 6.8kW max 3.5kW min
Heat Output Gross 2.4kW max 1.2 kW min
Running Costs Per Hour 16.3p max 8.4p min
Installation Inset fire - Fireback - Inglenook Fireplace
Air Vent Required not required.
Safety Oxygen Depletion Sensor
Flame Failure Device
Options Coal, logs or pebble fuelbed (Limited Availability for Pebble)
Optional Remote control

Additional Information: -
As with any open fire, a fire guard should be used complying with BS 8423. Fire guards are intended to protect people from incandescent material falling from the open fire, to prevent any person from getting too close, reduce the risk of injury and burns, particularly to the young and the infirm. Any fireguard or spark-guard is intended to reduce the risk of fire resulting from clothing and/or other flammable materials getting too close, or in close proximity to, open flame, burning fuel and/or hot surfaces.