Baby Bricks Firebricks, Bevelled & Bullnose

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Baby Brick Sectional Fireback

Baby Brick Firebacks take time to build, Assembled with fire-clay mortar are very impressive and well worth the extra build time required.

For 16-18" fireback 40 of each bevelled and bullnose are required for larger firebacks 20-24" 40 bullnose and 60 bevelled would be approx calculation

Available individually or 40 or 60 boxed, Brick size: 150mm x 75mm x 40mm Approx.

If used in place or to replace extended side-cheeks please see drawing.

We do not and never will hesitate to recommend you have this type of fireback fitted, specialist installation is required.

We have a limited supply of bricks, old stock (Multi-coloured) that will attract a further discount depending on quantity required (Please contact for further information, Installation in Scotland and Delivery to Highlands and Islands) customer collection can be arranged (Falkirk).